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I highly enjoyed being an influencer as this was a large goal of mine and to be chosen by VC was honoring. It gave me the experience I’ll find suitable for future endeavors and a new community amongst other influencers. My audience was very supportive of my posts and I found my posts receiving high engagement.

Simran Gambhir

Our impact? See for yourself.

I gained leadership skills through my first semester as an Adobe Ambassador. I was able to help many students, whom I’ve never talked to before, with learning a new application and informing them more about what Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer. It was great being able to plan and host my own workshop.

Rylie Kimura

@ Cal State Long Beach

The Hulu ambassador position gave me the experience of working with an enormous, incredible company. I loved the ways the ambassadorship challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in creating content or events that united the UCLA community. I found myself reaching out to organizations I had never heard of at school and deep dived into learning more about my school.

Christopher Aguirre






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