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At DIG, we’re on a mission to build a better food system for everyone. With over 30 fast-casual locations across the Northeast and plans for expansion, we’re not just another farm-to-table food company. We’re committed to sourcing, cooking, and serving delicious, seasonal vegetables and culinary comfort food on an urban scale.

Each of our restaurants is run by a chef and an entire culinary team, all dedicated to cooking from scratch all day. We’ve trained a whole generation of chefs and cooks from the ground up, including many who have never worked in a restaurant before. That’s because we believe that knife skills are life skills.

At DIG, we’re focused on doing things right, building our business on good food and great people. And we’re committed to creating a better food system for everyone, from farmers who can make a living growing food, to anyone who wants to learn to cook, to all of us who just want to eat well, together.

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