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How to Find and Hire Affiliate Marketers Aged 18 to 25 Years Old

How to Find and Hire Affiliate Marketers Aged 18 to 25 Years Old

How to Find and Hire Affiliate Marketers Aged 18 to 25 Years Old

Affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy to boost your brand’s reach and sales, especially when targeting younger demographics. If you’re looking to hire affiliate marketers aged 18 to 25 years old, there are numerous platforms and strategies you can use to find the right talent. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best places to find and hire young affiliate marketers, ensuring you can effectively tap into this dynamic and influential age group.

Key Takeaways

  • Social media platforms are essential for finding young affiliate marketers.
  • Affiliate marketing platforms offer a wide range of talent.
  • Freelance websites are excellent for hiring young professionals.
  • College job boards and career centers are valuable resources.
  • LinkedIn helps target young professionals in affiliate marketing.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketers

Finding affiliate marketers in the 18 to 25 age group requires targeting the platforms and communities where they are most active. Below is a list of the best places to discover and hire these young marketers.

1. Social Media Platforms

Instagram: Popular among young adults, Instagram is a great platform to find influencers and affiliate marketers. Look for individuals with strong engagement rates.

TikTok: Another platform where young adults are highly active. You can find potential affiliate marketers through trending hashtags and niche content.

YouTube: Search for young content creators who are actively engaging with their audience and may be interested in affiliate marketing opportunities.

2. Affiliate Marketing Platforms

ShareASale: A large network where you can find and recruit young affiliate marketers.

CJ Affiliate: Provides access to a wide range of affiliates, including younger marketers.

Rakuten Advertising: Another robust platform for finding affiliate marketers.

3. Freelance Websites

OnCampusNation (OCN): Post a job and recruit for free, reaching over 10,000 active users age 18-25. OCN is one of the nations leading influencer and ambassador networks.

Upwork: Post a job listing for affiliate marketers and filter candidates based on age and experience.

Fiverr: Look for young freelancers offering affiliate marketing services.

4. College Job Boards and Career Centers

Many universities have job boards and career centers where you can post job listings specifically targeting students and recent graduates.

5. Affiliate Marketing Communities and Forums

Reddit: Subreddits like r/affiliate_marketing and r/Entrepreneur can be great places to find young affiliate marketers.

Warrior Forum: A popular forum for internet marketers where you can post job listings.

Facebook Groups: There are many active Facebook groups dedicated to affiliate marketing. Join these groups and engage with members to find potential young marketers.

How to Find and Hire Affiliate Marketers Aged 18 to 25 Years Old

6. LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn’s search filters to find young professionals with experience in affiliate marketing. You can also post job listings targeting this age group.

7. Job Boards

Indeed: Post a job listing specifically targeting young adults.

Glassdoor: Similar to Indeed, you can target your job listing to attract younger candidates.

8. Networking Events and Webinars

Attend or host webinars and virtual networking events focused on affiliate marketing. These can be great places to meet and recruit young marketers.

9. Niche Blogs and Websites

Many young affiliate marketers run their own blogs or contribute to niche websites. Identify and reach out to these individuals by exploring blogs related to your industry and checking for contact information or social media links.

10. Online Courses and Training Programs

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare offer affiliate marketing courses. You can connect with course creators or participate in course forums to find motivated and knowledgeable young affiliate marketers who have recently completed these courses.

Steps in the Process of Hiring an Affiliate Marketer

Steps in the Process of Hiring an Affiliate Marketer
  1. Identify Your Needs: Determine what skills and qualifications you are looking for in an affiliate marketer. Consider the type of content they should create and the platforms they should focus on.
  2. Create a Compelling Job Listing: Write a detailed job description that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits. Be clear about what you expect from the affiliate marketer and what they can expect from working with you.
  3. Advertise the Position: Use the platforms listed above to advertise your job listing. Tailor your approach to each platform to attract the right candidates.
  4. Review Applications and Portfolios: Screen applicants by reviewing their resumes, portfolios, and any relevant work they have done. Look for evidence of their ability to drive traffic and sales through affiliate marketing.
  5. Conduct Interviews: Interview the top candidates to assess their fit with your brand and their understanding of affiliate marketing. Ask about their past experiences, strategies they’ve used, and how they measure success.
  6. Run a Trial Campaign: Consider giving shortlisted candidates a small project or trial campaign to complete. This can help you see their skills in action and determine if they are a good fit for your needs.
  7. Make a Decision: Choose the candidate who best meets your criteria and demonstrates the ability to help grow your affiliate marketing program. Provide them with the necessary resources and support to succeed.
  8. Onboard and Train: Once hired, onboard your new affiliate marketer by familiarizing them with your brand, products, and marketing strategies. Provide training and resources to help them succeed in their role.


Finding and hiring affiliate marketers aged 18 to 25 years old can significantly enhance your brand’s online presence and sales. By leveraging social media, affiliate marketing platforms, freelance websites, college job boards, online communities, LinkedIn, job boards, networking events, niche blogs, and online courses, you can discover and recruit talented young marketers to drive your affiliate marketing efforts. Start exploring these resources today to build a dynamic and effective affiliate marketing team.

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