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How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers A Comprehensive Guide

How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers: A Comprehensive Guide

By May 10, 2024 Influencers

Instagram has long been a playground for influencers and brands alike, where follower count is king. Yet, with this rush towards building a larger audience, some have taken shortcuts by padding their digital fan base with fake followers. This practice misleads potential partners and dilutes genuine user engagement. Understanding how to spot these faux fans becomes crucial in maintaining the integrity of your social media presence. Our guide lays out practical steps to on how to spot fake Instagram followers before working with an influencer.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find fake followers by looking at things like how many posts they have and what their comments say. If it doesn’t match up or looks weird, they might be fake.
  • Use tools like to check if followers are real. These help see who’s engaging with your account and who’s just a number.
  • Look at engagement rates to tell real from fake. Real accounts have likes, comments, and shares that make sense for how many followers they have.
  • Checking an influencer’s other social media can show if they’re the real deal. If they act the same way on different sites, they’re likely genuine.
  • Protecting your brand means keeping an eye out for fakes. Report suspicious accounts with Instagram’s “report” feature to keep things honest.

Why People Buy Fake Instagram Followers

Why People Buy Fake Instagram Followers

People buy fake Instagram followers to seem more popular. They hope this makes real people follow them too.

To Appear More Popular

Buying fake Instagram followers is a quick way to seem more popular. This tactic gives the illusion of having a wide audience, which can attract real users and create an appearance of social media influence.

It’s all about shaping perception; accounts with high follower counts often look more credible at first glance.

This approach also aims to trigger a bandwagon effect where people feel compelled to follow what seems like a popular account. Next, we explore how these actions aim to draw in genuine followers by leveraging artificial popularity.

To Attract Real Followers

Gaining a large following quickly might seem like a shortcut to success on Instagram, but it’s attracting genuine followers that truly matters for long-term growth. Real followers engage with content, share posts, and contribute to building an online community around a brand or influencer.

This authentic engagement is key to establishing credibility and fostering connections that can turn into loyal customers or fans.

To Boost Their Ego

People buy fake Instagram followers to feel more important and popular. This gives them a temporary boost, much like eating a Big Mac at 3 am provides fleeting satisfaction. They enjoy the illusion of having many followers and believe it makes them look successful on social media.

This practice inflates their social media influence without adding real value. It is all about creating an appearance that impresses others. The satisfaction from these purchased followers is superficial, yet it validates their ego on the platform temporarily.

Signs of a Fake Follower

Fake followers often show odd patterns like too many or too few posts. They might also leave generic comments that don’t relate to the post at all.

Unusual Numbers

Unusual numbers often point towards inauthentic engagement. A big clue is when an account has a huge follower count but very few likes or comments on their posts. This mismatch suggests the followers are not real people who engage with content but rather fake accounts or bots.

Another red flag is if the number of comments doesn’t match up with the number of likes, as genuine accounts typically have a consistent ratio between these interactions.

Less than 4% of real accounts are falsely identified as fake, making most unusual number patterns a reliable indicator of phony engagement.

Spotting these abnormalities helps in identifying fraudulent followers and understanding an account’s true reach and influence. Observing for sudden spikes in follower count without corresponding increases in engagement can also signal the presence of bogus accounts among the follower list.

Inconsistent Activity

Fake Instagram followers often show inconsistent activity. They might have many followers but few likes or comments on their posts. This unusual gap suggests fake engagement. Real accounts usually have a balance between the number of followers and their interaction with content.

Spotting deceptive followers involves looking for irregular activity patterns. Fake accounts may suddenly follow a lot of people, then become inactive or spam with likes and comments that seem out of place.

Monitoring these signs helps identify inauthentic engagement on an account.

Empty or Copied Profile Sections

Empty and copied profile sections are big red flags for spotting inauthentic followers. Instagram bots often have profiles with little to no content, making it easy to identify them as fake.

These accounts might also mimic real ones by copying their bios, but with slight changes that don’t match up. This tactic of creating counterfeit profiles aims to blend in without putting in the effort to generate original content.

Look out for bio inconsistencies and absence of personal posts when checking an account’s authenticity. Phony accounts typically lack the unique touch that genuine users have, with their profile sections appearing hollow or unnaturally similar to others’.

Spotting these sham accounts early can protect your interactions on Instagram from deceptive followers aiming to inflate numbers artificially.

Spammy Comments

Following empty or copied profile sections, spammy comments further reveal the presence of fake followers. These comments often appear generic and unrelated to the post’s content. They might include repeated phrases, irrelevant emojis, or links promoting other accounts and services.

This behavior indicates inauthentic engagement and points towards bot accounts or fraudulent activities.

Spam comments serve as red flags for artificial engagement. Instagram uses detection tools to moderate these interactions but spotting them can help assess an account’s legitimacy.

Beware of comments that seem out of context or overly promotional, as they likely come from fake followers aiming for unwanted interactions or phishing attempts.

How to Identify Fake Followers

How to Identify Fake Followers

To spot fake followers, start with a detailed audit of your Instagram account. Next, employ social media tools that analyze accounts for authenticity and engagement levels.

Conduct a Fake Followers Audit

Conducting a fake followers audit is key to keeping your Instagram account authentic. It helps you weed out bots and non-active users that can hurt your social media presence. Here are steps to ensure your followers are real:

  1. Start with an overview of your follower list. Look for accounts with no profile picture or generic images.
  2. Check for unusual usernames consisting of random letters and numbers, indicating a bot account.
  3. Scrutinize profiles for lack of posts or only a few unrelated posts, common in fake accounts.
  4. Compare the number of followers to following ratios. Accounts following thousands with minimal followers might be fake.
  5. Evaluate activity levels by reviewing recent posts for likes and comments ratios that make sense.
  6. Use tools like IG Audit or Instagram bot checkers to automate the process and get detailed reports on potential fake followers.
  7. Assess engagement rates by looking at the average number of likes and comments per post relative to follower count. Very low engagement can signal fake followers.
  8. Read through comments on various posts to spot generic responses that could come from bot accounts.
  9. Scroll through your follower list regularly to keep an eye out for suspicious – looking accounts manually.

This hands-on approach ensures you maintain an engaging and genuine follower base, crucial for your brand’s integrity on Instagram.

Use Social Media Account Auditing Tools

Use Social Media Account Auditing Tools

Using social media account auditing tools is crucial for identifying fake Instagram followers. These tools provide insights into the authenticity of profiles and their engagement levels. Here’s how you can utilize these resources effectively:

  1. Start with to analyze Instagram accounts. This tool evaluates the engagement levels of followers to spot any irregularities.
  2. Utilize Upfluence’s API for a quick check on Instagram fake followers. It offers free insights into the profile’s authenticity.
  3. Consider the 2024 Instagram Follower Audit guide for a yearly cleanup. This comprehensive resource helps in removing inauthentic followers efficiently.
  4. Turn to Social Auditor for a detailed analysis of any Instagram profile. It gives scores based on follower authenticity, likes, comments, and true demographics.
  5. Follow the comprehensive guide or use templates for conducting a social media audit in 9 easy steps available online. These resources streamline the audit process.
  6. Check out the top 5 Instagram audit tools recommended by experts. They offer step-by-step guides for conducting accurate audits quickly.

These tools and resources simplify checking engagement levels, identifying fake likes and comments, and performing demographic analyses for Instagram profiles during an audit process

Assess Engagement Rates

Assessing engagement rates is crucial to spotting fake followers on Instagram. This process reveals the authenticity of interactions on an account. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Compare followers to likes and comments. A genuine account usually has a proportionate relationship between the number of followers and their engagement activities.
  2. Check for engagement consistency. Look for any sudden spikes in likes or comments that could indicate purchased engagements.
  3. Use tools like They analyze accounts to see if the engagement level matches the follower count, as discrepancies may point to fake followers.
  4. Evaluate comments for relevance and authenticity. Generic comments like “Great post” or random emojis may not be genuine.
  5. Calculate the engagement rate by dividing the total number of likes and comments by the follower count, then multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.
  6. Observe how followers interact with each other’s content too, not just with the influencer’s posts.
  7. Seek patterns that seem unnatural, such as many followers without profile pictures or filled – in bios, which can hint at fake accounts.

Identifying real vs fake engagement helps maintain a healthy, influential presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

Evaluate Presence on Other Social Networks

After checking engagement rates, look at how influencers perform on other social platforms. This step helps understand their actual reach and authenticity across the digital landscape.

  1. Use tools like FakeCheck and HypeAuditor to scan profiles. These tools show if followers engage with content similarly across different networks.
  2. Check for consistency in posts, style, and interaction. Authentic influencers maintain a consistent persona that resonates with their audience everywhere.
  3. Examine follower count versus engagement. High followers but low engagement on multiple platforms often signal fake followers.
  4. Look for quality comments over quantity. Genuine interactions mean more than numerous spammy comments.
  5. Investigate cross – platform content sharing patterns. Influencers usually share milestones or major posts across all their networks.
  6. Monitor how often their content gets shared or mentioned by other users organically on different social media sites.
  7. Compare the influencer’s presence on niche forums or websites related to their field, ensuring they are recognized beyond major platforms.

Identifying the right influencers involves understanding their impact across the entire social media spectrum to ensure audience and follower authenticity.

Read Comments on the Influencer’s Account

Reading comments on an influencer’s account can reveal a lot about their followers. This method helps to spot fake followers and understand the quality of engagement.

  1. Look for generic comments: Many fake accounts post vague remarks like “Nice post!” or “Great pic!” that could apply to anything.
  2. Notice repetitive comments: If you see the same comment multiple times, it’s likely from bot accounts.
  3. Check for irrelevant comments: Comments that have nothing to do with the post’s content are red flags.
  4. Observe language use: Odd or awkward phrasing can indicate a non-human commenter.
  5. Monitor comment-to-like ratio: An unusually high number of likes with very few comments might suggest artificial engagement.
  6. Seek out meaningful interactions: Real followers often engage in more specific, meaningful conversations in the comments section.
  7. Compare commenters across posts: Seeing the same users always commenting might indicate genuine engagement or point towards automated responses.

This approach highlights social media influence and authenticity issues, reflecting on fraudulent followers and suspicious activities linked to certain profiles. Tools like FakeCheck assist in distinguishing between real and fraudulent followers by analyzing such patterns, including comments’ nature and engagement levels. Identifying these signs contributes significantly to recognizing fake influencers and understanding the true extent of an influencer’s social media authenticity and influence.

Conclusion – How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers

Knowing how to spot fake Instagram followers is key to maintaining online authenticity. Our guide shows you how, making it simple and practical for anyone. Tools like FakeCheck and HypeAuditor quickly aid in identifying these bots.

Assessing engagement rates and the quality of comments can reveal much about an account’s genuineness. This effort ensures your brand partners with influencers who have a real impact.

Taking action preserves your credibility on social platforms, encouraging genuine connections over inflated numbers.


1. What signs indicate an Instagram account has fake followers?

Look for accounts with sudden spikes in followers, low engagement rates, or many inactive or generic-looking profiles.

2. Can I use a tool to identify fake followers on Instagram?

Yes, there are several online tools and apps designed to help you detect fake followers on Instagram.

3. Why do people buy fake Instagram followers?

People buy fake followers to appear more popular or influential than they actually are.

4. How does having fake followers affect an Instagram account?

Having fake followers decreases your engagement rate and can make your account less credible to real audiences.

5. What should I do if I find out my favorite influencer has many fake followers?

Consider the authenticity and value of their content before deciding whether to continue following them or not.

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