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As a fan of FatBoy ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, cones and pops it’s safe to say you’re a member of The FatBoy Nation.

Next Step: Become A Brand Ambassador!

Here’s what it takes:

If you have 2000 or more followers, 20% quality post engagement and want product and swag on the monthly to share with your audience, next step is to become a FatBoy Brand Ambassador!

As a FatBoy Brand Ambassador, you’ll play a yummy role in sharing the FatBoy love, spreading awareness of the importance of having FatBoys In The Freezer and showing that when it comes to Fatboy’s dreamy creamy ice cream confections, Life Never Tasted So Good.

Share your obsession with our sandwiches, sundaes cones and more by completing the following application:

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