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Flexcar Brand Ambassador

Are you tired of the hassles of buying and owning a car? Do you want to help others discover a simpler, more affordable alternative? Join us as a Flexcar Brand Ambassador and help us redefine the car ownership experience!

As a Brand Ambassador, you will be on the frontline, educating the public about the advantages of Flexcar over traditional car ownership. At Flexcar, there is no down payment required, insurance and maintenance are included in one monthly payment, it is often more affordable than buying or leasing, and customers have the flexibility to swap cars based on their needs or return their car anytime without being locked into any loans.

Your role will involve explaining these complexities and more, using your unique promo codes to offer new members an exclusive $100 discount on their first order. In doing so, you can help us accelerate our growth and earn significant financial rewards in the process.

Please note that this part time position requires your location to be within the Greater Boston Area, and is paid on a commission based salary only.

What you’ll do

  • Recruitment: Use your unique promo codes to sign up new members, offering them a $100 discount on their first order – a best-in-class offer exclusive to the ambassador program. Strive to meet or exceed the minimum requirement of signing up at least 2 new members per month.
  • Promotion: Serve as a devoted advocate for Flexcar. Leverage your social media platforms, personal networks, and emails to highlight the unique benefits of our service. Engage your audience with compelling social media posts, updates about Flexcar, personal recommendations, and direct emails. Even without personal experience with our service, your role is to generate curiosity and interest, converting these into new members using your unique promo codes.
  • Events & Partnerships: Attend local events, host small gatherings, and partner with local businesses, clubs, and societies. In these engagements, you will serve as the face of Flexcar, providing information to prospective users, hosting joint promotional events, and offering your ambassador Flexcar promotions to their members.
  • Feedback: Provide input and feedback about market responses and suggestions for improving our services or promotional activities.

What you’ll need

  • Passion: A strong belief in the Flexcar mission and the ability to effectively communicate our value proposition.
  • Influence: An active social presence, both online and offline, with a strong network and the ability to influence others.
  • Self-Motivation: The ability to work independently, demonstrating self-motivation and initiative to achieve goals.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills, an affinity for networking, and a passion for interacting with diverse groups of people.

What’s in it for you

As a Flexcar Brand Ambassador, your role in expanding our community is invaluable. In recognition of your dedication, we’ve crafted a monthly incentive program that not only rewards for each new member you introduce but increases the value of each referral as you hit higher milestones.

Our reward structure is meticulously designed: rather than a flat rate for every new member, your compensation is determined by the total number of new members you bring in each month. As you ascend through signup milestones, not only does your overall reward grow, but the effective reward per member also increases. This means the more members you bring in, the higher the value of each individual signup becomes.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the compensation tiers work:

New Members Signed Up Within a Given Month = Cash Compensation

  • 2 new members = $120
  • 5 new members = $400
  • 10 new members = $1,000
  • 15 new members = $1,800
  • 20 new members  = $2,800
  • 25 new members = $4,000
  • 30 new members = $5,400
  • 40 new members = $8,000

Who are we? 

Flexcar empowers all walks of life the flexibility to have a car of their own without the hassles of traditional car ownership. Convenient and affordable, Flexcar is here to disrupt a 110 Billion dollar industry by providing customers an alternative to car-sharing, leases, ownership, and car rentals.

Flexcar is rapidly growing and we want you to be a Flexster. Our special team is passionate, kind, collaborative, driven, and all-in on building the next automotive game-changer from the ground-up. This truly is an amazing opportunity to not only contribute your talents as a team-member, but also to help build the future Flexcar.

The extra mile:

We encourage Flexsters to bring their whole selves to work – unique perspectives, personal experiences, backgrounds, and however they identify. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer – M/F/D/V.

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