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Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers & The Possible Consequences

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers & Possible Consequences

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers & Possible Consequences

By June 24, 2024 Ambassadors, Influencers

Are you thinking about buying Instagram followers to boost your account? It may seem like a quick fix, but it can actually harm your online presence. This article will explain why you shouldn’t buy Instagram or other social followers and the possible consequences involved. Keep reading to find out why buying followers is a bad idea!

Key Takeaways

  • Buying fake followers can result in account suspension or even permanent deletion, as it violates Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Fake engagement skews your metrics and damages your credibility, potentially misleading sponsors and real users.
  • Purchased followers may post spam or inappropriate comments, harming the perception of your brand among genuine followers.
  • Authentic content creation and interaction with other users are better strategies for growing a loyal audience on Instagram.
  • Brands often verify an influencer’s follower authenticity before deals; having fake followers can cost you valuable sponsorships.

The Risks of Buying Instagram Followers

Risks of Buying Instagram Followers

Fake Engagement and Metrics

Fake followers create false engagement and fraudulent metrics. With artificial engagement, your account’s stats become distorted. Genuine Instagram accounts show similar patterns in likes and comments. Buying likes skews these metrics, making the account look suspicious.


  • Distorted data misleads potential sponsors or partners about your true reach and influence.
  • High follower count without matching engagement can harm organic discovery due to Instagram’s algorithm prioritizing genuine interactions.

Potential for Account Suspension or Deletion

Instagram regularly tracks and removes fake followers. Buying fake followers violates Instagram’s terms of service, leading to account suspension or even permanent deletion. Instagram uses advanced algorithms to detect these violations.


  • Suspended accounts lose all hard-earned content and genuine engagement.
  • It’s a costly mistake for any user trying to build an authentic presence on the platform.

Spam and Inappropriate Comments

Buying fake followers can also lead to spam and inappropriate comments. These bought accounts often post irrelevant messages, some of which might be in different languages or make no sense. Worse, bots may flood your posts with ads for sex toys or push extremist political views.


  • Such interaction paints a bad picture of your account.
  • Authentic users will notice these spammy actions and may lose trust in you fast.

Ruined Credibility and Brand Reputation

Fake followers ruin credibility and brand reputation fast. Brands always check if an influencer’s followers are real before working with them. Influencers lose trustworthiness if they have fake followers.


  • A sudden spike in follower count looks suspicious to real users.
  • Genuine engagement drops because fake accounts don’t interact meaningfully.
  • This hurts both personal brands and businesses relying on influencer marketing.

Attracting the Wrong Audience

Purchased followers often come from inactive accounts that do not engage with your content. These followers clutter your Instagram explore page and offer no real value. They do not convert into meaningful interactions or sales.


  • You attract the wrong demographic, damaging your brand’s reputation.
  • Authentic engagement is key to growing a genuine audience, and fake followers can’t provide that.

Alternatives to Buying Instagram Followers

Alternatives to Buying Instagram Followers

Focus on Quality Content

Quality Instagram content keeps your audience interested. Use good photos, smart captions, and fun stories. Followers will interact more if they enjoy your posts.


  • Study social media analytics to see what works best for your page.
  • Schedule posts at the right times to reach more people.

Utilize Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can boost your online presence. These short, engaging videos keep followers interested and attract new ones. Use popular trends to increase visibility on Instagram and expand your reach.


  • Create fun, informative content that fits your brand.
  • Show behind-the-scenes moments or tutorials.

Use Hashtags and Engage with Other Users

Creating engaging content with Instagram Reels can boost your reach, but hashtags and interactions play a crucial role too. Incorporating popular hashtags helps make posts more discoverable.


  • Use trending hashtags like #TBT or #InstaGood to reach broader audiences.
  • Reply to comments on your posts and leave thoughtful comments on others’.

Conduct Market Research

Study your audience. Understand their interests and behaviors. Use tools like Corkboard Concepts for strategic insights. Analyze real vs. bot followers percentages to maintain brand reputation.


  • Identify which content works best in your niche.
  • Pay attention to what your genuine followers engage with the most.

Impact on Influencers and Brands

Impact on Influencers and Brands

Potential for Lost Sponsorships and Deals

Influencers with fake followers lose credibility. Brands always check the validity of an influencer before making deals. Authentic engagement matters to sponsors and marketers.


  • Brands look for genuine followers when choosing influencers for campaigns.
  • Sponsorships depend on real interaction and trust from audiences.

Negative Perception from Genuine Followers

Genuine supporters can spot fake followers easily. A sudden spike in numbers without real engagement creates doubt. Real audience members may feel misled or cheated.


  • Credibility is key for influencers and brands.
  • Fake metrics make genuine followers question the brand image and its authenticity.

Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service

Buying fake followers breaks Instagram’s rules. It can lead to account suspension or even deletion. Instagram aims to keep the platform safe and honest for everyone. Using artificial followers cheats this system.


  • This violation hurts your reputation too.
  • Brands may stop working with you if they find out you’ve bought followers.

Conclusion – Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram or other social followers

Buying fake followers can have bigger consequences than just looking bad when you get called out by a brand. You risk the potential of losing your account, and all your real work entirely. Boost your Instagram presence the right way. Focus on real, engaged followers who care about your content. Build trust with quality interactions and authentic posts. Real growth comes from genuine effort, not shortcuts. Protect your account and reputation by keeping it honest.


  1. Why shouldn’t I buy Instagram followers?
    • Buying Instagram followers can harm your account and reduce engagement.
  2. Will bought followers interact with my posts?
    • No, bought followers usually do not interact with your posts.
  3. Can buying followers get me banned from Instagram?
    • Yes, buying followers can violate Instagram’s rules and lead to a ban.
  4. Do bought followers help grow my business?
    • No, bought followers do not contribute to real growth or sales for your business.
  5. Is it better to grow my follower count naturally?
    • Yes, growing your follower count naturally leads to genuine engagement and success.
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