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Every student I have heard from has been very engaged about FAB and FAB AID. They have mentioned to me how they want to apply and how much this would mean to them if they got it. A lot of students have also been super appreciative of the student discount because they love FAB.

Darya Abbassi

@ University of Neveda, Las Vegas

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The skills I gained from this program are efficiency when it comes to outreach, coming up with creative ways to grab attention, overall confidence when it comes to being an ambassador.


@ Rutgers

Content creation advertising certain products! I’d never done that before since I had been advertising services / platforms like TikTok when I was a TikTok Brand Ambassador, and StuDocu when I was a StuDocu Brand Ambassador. With UNiDAYS I learned how to showcase things like clothes and makeup in an interesting, eye-catching way.

Emi Guzman